Tree pruning

Tree pruning

Tree pruning and tree trimming is a tiresome task, especially if you have a lot of trees. However, it is important because it encourages new growth and encourages trees to grow wider. It also helps keep the tree healthy because pruning helps eliminate all the dead and diseased branches.

Some of the other reasons why pruning trees is important are;

• It helps reduce wind resistance and shade.
• Provides clearance to the compound and for other neighboring trees to grow.
• Manages fruit and flower production.
• Improves tree structure.
• Saves a tree damaged by a storm.
• Improves the beauty of the home.

While there is not a perfect time to remove the diseased and dead branches from your trees, you should prune during late winter if you want new growth in spring.

Thunder Bay Tree Company understands all the needs of pruning a tree, and they have the right tools, which they sterilize before pruning any branch.

That helps in eliminating any diseases or pests to avoid transferring them from one tree or branch to another. They assess all the branches and determine the healthy ones and the ones infested either by pests or diseases.

They also assess the tree to determine where the new growth will happen to know which branches to cut. They use the best techniques and tricks to ensure that they do not remove so many or little branches from the trees.

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