Stump removal

stump removal:

After cutting a tree, what is left on the ground is a big stump that not only makes your compound look unattractive but also poses a danger to people walking in the garden. Thunder Bay Tree Company is the number 1 company in removing tree stumps of any size.

They use different methods to remove the stump depending on the size, number, and location of the tree stump.

One of the most common methods they use is stump grinding. In this method, they use a machine called a grinder to reduce the stump into small pieces. First, they reduce the size of the stump using a chainsaw until it reaches the level of the ground, then they start grinding.

They grind to the roots to ascertain that the stump will not sprout into another tree in the future. They use this method mainly for large stumps.

Alternatively, they could dig out the stump. They start by diffing around the stump until they reach the roots. They then cut off all the roots and remove them, to make it easier for them to remove the stump from the ground.

If the stump is away from other plants or your home, they could use other methods like burning it, using chemicals or rotting the stump. Those methods are perfect for stumps away from the garden or property because they could damage the plants, soil, and structures around.

After every method of removing the stump, the employees fill the hole from which they remove the stump, then plant some grass or flowers on top. That helps eliminate any danger and also avoids leaving patches on the garden.

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