Shrub pruning

Shrub pruning:

Just like pruning trees, shrub pruning is important to help shrubs remain healthy and looking beautiful. It helps them retain their shape, provides enough sunlight and wind, and also helps eliminate infested and dead branches.

Pruning shrubs at the right time prepares them for new and vibrant growth in the growing season. Many people confuse pruning and shearing when it comes to shrubs. However, Thunder bay Company helps you see the difference and importance of pruning over shearing.

When pruning, they do not only focus on cutting the outer leaves of the shrub but also cut the excess growth on the inside. That helps decongest the shrub, allowing for adequate air and light flow throughout the plant.

Using the right techniques, they combine the healthy benefits of pruning with the aesthetic aspect of the shrub, maintain the right shape and size. They always let their clients determine how big they want the shrubs and their desired shapes.

Before pruning, they always sterilize their equipment and ensure they are sharp enough. That eliminates the chances of them transferring any pests and diseases from one plant to another.

Sharp equipment helps them make clean cuts in case the clients wanted to propagate the shrub using the cut branches.

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