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When people buy or build homes, they love adding a touch of beauty and nature to the home, and one of the best ways to do that is by planting trees and other plants.

During spring and summer, the homeowners need maintenance done to the trees and shrubs. That ensures new growth and prevents any damage to their home. It is also the perfect time to add new plants to the garden and fertilize the plants.

Some homeowners may take on some activities like pruning and trimming. However, sometimes it is better to have professionals do the work, especially if it involves activities like tree removal and removing the stump.

That guarantees safety for the garden, other plants in the garden, and the homeowner. It also ensures that the work is done properly and using the right equipment.

When homeowners decide to have those services in their homes, it might be hard to choose the best company for the job.

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About Us...

Before hiring a company to conduct any tree service, clients need to research and survey available companies around them. Providing services across all of Thunder Bay and its environs, Thunder Bay Tree Company is the best shot for the job.

With their offices and professionals everywhere, clients are guaranteed convenient and timely services regardless of nature or size. Their professionals live around the same area, so they understand all the guidelines and requirements they need to follow during the job.

They also understand what people around them love and value. They commit to helping you take care of your trees and other plants in the compound to ensure that your garden remains healthy and beautiful all year round.

Thunder Bay Tree Company prides itself on having a reputation you can always count on. They also deliver services according to your needs and offer the expert advice you can count on in case you are divided about what you should do with your garden.

Whether you are planning on adding new plants to your garden, pruning, trimming, or cutting the existing ones, they are always one call or email away. They can also assess your trees and shrubs for any pests or diseases and give you the right remedy to revive them.

Thunder Bay Tree Company understands that sometimes clients can face an emergency with their trees. Therefore, their contact numbers are always open for their clients to reach them regardless of the time.

Our serrvices:

1. Tree removal

Everybody loves a few trees in their garden. However, after some time, the trees might grow too big and may become a danger or hindrance in the compound. Some may hang so low close to the electrical cables, and others may have their branches so close to the house.

Sometimes the roots of the tree could also grow too big that they grow out of the ground or block underground pipes. When that happens, homeowners have no choice but to hire tree removal services.

Thunder Bay Tree Company offers the best tree removal Thunder Bay services, with a grantee to remove the tree without causing any damage to surrounding plants, your garden, or your property. Before cutting the tree, they assess it to determine its location and size.

They also determine which is the best place for the tree to fall before they start cutting. To help with direction, the employees make a notch in the tree and place a wedge there. That ensures the tree does not fall over your house or other properties.

If the tree is too big, they first cut off the big branches before falling the tree, then cut off the trunk. That prevents the branches from damaging neighboring trees or nearby property as the tree falls. They have the right equipment, which ensures they do the job fast and safely.

After cutting the tree, they gather up all the branches, leaves, and debris, leaving you with a clean and tidy garden.

Tree removal Thunder Bay Company assesses the tree to determine what the problem is. They then advise the client whether there are other options to deal with their problem but still keep the tree beautifying the compound.

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2. tree pruning

Tree pruning and tree trimming is a tiresome task, especially if you have a lot of trees. However, it is important because it encourages new growth and encourages trees to grow wider. It also helps keep the tree healthy because pruning helps eliminate all the dead and diseased branches.

Some of the other reasons why pruning trees is important are;

• It helps reduce wind resistance and shade.
• Provides clearance to the compound and for other neighboring trees to grow.
• Manages fruit and flower production.
• Improves tree structure.
• Saves a tree damaged by a storm.
• Improves the beauty of the home.

While there is not a perfect time to remove the diseased and dead branches from your trees, you should prune during late winter if you want new growth in spring.

Thunder Bay Tree Company understands all the needs of pruning a tree, and they have the right tools, which they sterilize before pruning any branch.

That helps in eliminating any diseases or pests to avoid transferring them from one tree or branch to another. They assess all the branches and determine the healthy ones and the ones infested either by pests or diseases.

They also assess the tree to determine where the new growth will happen to know which branches to cut. They use the best techniques and tricks to ensure that they do not remove so many or little branches from the trees.

3. stump removal

After cutting a tree, what is left on the ground is a big stump that not only makes your compound look unattractive but also poses a danger to people walking in the garden. Thunder Bay Tree Company is the number 1 company in removing tree stumps of any size.

They use different methods to remove the stump depending on the size, number, and location of the tree stump.

One of the most common methods they use is stump grinding. In this method, they use a machine called a grinder to reduce the stump into small pieces. First, they reduce the size of the stump using a chainsaw until it reaches the level of the ground, then they start grinding.

They grind to the roots to ascertain that the stump will not sprout into another tree in the future. They use this method mainly for large stumps.

Alternatively, they could dig out the stump. They start by diffing around the stump until they reach the roots. They then cut off all the roots and remove them, to make it easier for them to remove the stump from the ground.

If the stump is away from other plants or your home, they could use other methods like burning it, using chemicals or rotting the stump. Those methods are perfect for stumps away from the garden or property because they could damage the plants, soil, and structures around.

After every method of removing the stump, the employees fill the hole from which they remove the stump, then plant some grass or flowers on top. That helps eliminate any danger and also avoids leaving patches on the garden.

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4. Shrub pruning

Just like pruning trees, shrub pruning is important to help shrubs remain healthy and looking beautiful. It helps them retain their shape, provides enough sunlight and wind, and also helps eliminate infested and dead branches.

Pruning shrubs at the right time prepares them for new and vibrant growth in the growing season. Many people confuse pruning and shearing when it comes to shrubs. However, Thunder bay Company helps you see the difference and importance of pruning over shearing.

When pruning, they do not only focus on cutting the outer leaves of the shrub but also cut the excess growth on the inside. That helps decongest the shrub, allowing for adequate air and light flow throughout the plant.

Using the right techniques, they combine the healthy benefits of pruning with the aesthetic aspect of the shrub, maintain the right shape and size. They always let their clients determine how big they want the shrubs and their desired shapes.

Before pruning, they always sterilize their equipment and ensure they are sharp enough. That eliminates the chances of them transferring any pests and diseases from one plant to another.

Sharp equipment helps them make clean cuts in case the clients wanted to propagate the shrub using the cut branches.

Why Hire Arborists?

This is one of the main advantages why people should hire professionals. A lot of the jobs they do and the equipment they use could cause accidents and harm the person using them or cause damage to the property.

The professionals know the right way to do the job and handle the equipment, ensuring nobody gets hurt and no damage happens to the property.

Perfect job
When clients choose to do the job themselves, they may not do a perfect job, but professionals know everything about the job; hence they do it perfectly.

Since professionals understand the job requirements and how to handle the equipment, they will do the job faster than if the client chooses to do the job themselves.

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Why choose Us?

This company is ISA certified, meaning that they have all the qualifications to run the business. They also have a business license, meaning that they have complied with all the area codes they need to run that kind of business.

Thunder bay Tree Company is insured, meaning that clients will get compensated for any damage that happens in their home as employees work. They have also insured their employees against any work-related hazards and compensate them according to their workload.

Skills and knowledge
The employees of this company underwent the right education and also undertook and passed all the required training and tests to become some of the best arborists in the business. They also undertake further education to improve their skills and gain more knowledge in the field.

Thunder Bay Tree Company has been in the business for a long time, which has seen them perfect their skills and learn new techniques. They have also undertaken a lot of different projects of different sizes, making them prepared for any task.

Affordable services
They have prices that accommodate people from all economic classes, and they tailor those prices depending on the clients’ services. They also assess the job before they start and give their clients free estimate on the price.

Best equipment
Thunder Bay Tree Company has the latest equipment in the market, which perfects their work. They also service, maintain, and repair their equipment often. That helps avoid any accidents at work and ensures they don't fail.

We want to thank our amazing partner tree trimming Prince Albert and emondage for their amazing support and aid in the tree service industry.